Finals - Just kinda venting

Hey guys! It’s finals here in lower, lower NY and omg I ATE SOOOO MUCH yesterday, and I was actually hungry so that doesn’t bother me. But I just chicken nuggets for no fucking reason, but I had a sandwich for lunch at like 12:30 and Halal at like 6 something and by the time I had la chicken nuggets it was already 11 pm. And if that’s the worst thing I did all week, it’s not really that bad, right?


Just sounds like stress from finals.


In all seriousness I do hope you do well. And maybe take a small walk about to stretch and rest your brain so it don’t turn to mush?

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Hey @Ghostiegirl,

Wishing you the best for your finals.

It’s a stressful period. And quite common to get destructured/unhealthy eating habits during this amount of time. Things will get normal again after that.

Hang in there!

It was finals week for me as well! I feel like it should be like a holiday, week off sort of thing. It’s literally so stressful, but kudos to you on attending school, and for working hard. I hope you did well!

Hey, I think it’s pretty normal to get snacky when things are feeling stressful and its crunch time before finals! No big. Maybe stock up on some healthier snacks if you’re too worried in these times. Apples and peanut butter. Chop up some fruits. Maybe a salad. Nuts are a great snack and also good to go with the apple. Maybe some toast and tea.

Don’t worry too much. <3

thank you hun! I feel so much better now, i stocked up on fruit! I even got a small blender to make life easier and yumm-er!