Finding a free Plan and Good food For Lose of weight

From cryptleaker: Ive been working out for 3 days now thanks for the motivation! I dont know what to do Food wise meaning a plan for food i should eat to lose weight and also a free workout plan and im trying to get a steady good plan so i can get better results


There are thousands of books, websites, and support groups related to weight management. Maybe one of the safest ways of going about it is to keyword “food pyramid,” in Google. That can give you a rough idea on how to maintain adequate nutrition.

I like that you are calling it a “food plan,” because there are so many negative connotations associated with “going on a diet.” I think the best objective is to change eating habits in a permanent and sustainable way. Avoid sudden or drastic changes in your diet, as it’s not very good for your body, and it’s usually very difficult to maintain those changes.

Another common problems is when people sometimes fall back into previous patterns, such as not working out or eating something that isn’t a good choice, they tend to be discouraged and sometimes overwhelm themselves with negative self talk.

When for whatever reason you don’t live up to your own expectation, be very gentle and compassionate towards yourself. Ask yourself what you may have been doing or thinking about or perhaps what circumstances were present that affected your motivation.

Over the years, I gained and lost tons of weight, usually gaining back and exceeding previous weights. About 15 years ago, I started making very minor changes in my intake, and also started exercising-just a little bit at a time. So, with very small changes in diet and minor increases in my exercise routine over a period of several months, I ended up at a decent weight which has remained stable ever since.

That experiences may become an advocate of starting out with small, easily manageable steps, when the plan is to make significant change over time.

Congratulations on making a good start!