Finding an image!

I can relate to Tims story from so many angles. It started as a Christian kid growing up. Always raised with morals from a great single parent, my mom did the best for me and my siblings. The older I got my insecurities grew, my father passed when I was 9 and I always felt like I was trying to find myself. Growing up li ING with other family members to fill a void to growing up I started getting into music alot. Drugs and alcohol came along. But mostly the alcohol stayed with me. I was still insecure for some reason even though I was finding many friends and girlfriends, I started changing my image, getting tattooed, piercing, so on. Around 21 I started to go to the gym and work out and got into some dangerous stuff called steroids. Trying to find my identity I was trying to please everyone else with how I looked from image instead of the morals I grew up with. Between alcohol abuse ND steroids I noticed I was getting alot of emotions going through my head. Depression, anger, sadness, and anxiety. After having children I started to change my focus and stop the steroids. But I was still having issues with my alcohol abuse. I have talk to some people and I come to realize I had always had depression, and everything else was contributed to it. I’m at a point where Im letting God help me through the insecurities and live one say at a time. I never thought I had depression or any mental illness but once u start opening up and seeing from another angle u stRt to realize their were so much going on from the beginning and early ages. Tims story and the guys from aild the band have been very inspiring. It shows forgivnesss, and live and admitting a problem can get u through the darkest nights lol thanks guys


I am so glad that Tim’s story inspired you and that you are working toward healing. It can be so scary to admit that you have depression but it’s often the first step toward healing. I am so glad you are learning to love yourself for who you are instead of what you look like. God has such a big plan for you if you just trust him and follow his lead! Sending love and hope that you continue down this path of healing free from substances!


Thank you so so much for sharing your story. It’s so true though isn’t it? Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes to show us things we can’t see. I never realized that I had anxiety until I opened up to a friend and they then told me that all of my symptoms sounded like an anxiety attack. So yeah I really relate to your story in a different way, but still. And sometimes just admitting we have a problem can clear up so much stuff for us. Thank you so much for telling your story. Hold fast!