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Finding Inspiration

Something that always helped me was trying to find a source of inspiration. Whether it was through my faith, music, a story, an experience, or something else, it would help me keep things in perspective and give me that motivation I was looking for. My love for music is actually what lead me to heartsupport. I watched Mike Hranica’s video he did for heartsupport which lead me to watching one of Jake’s. Another person that has inspired me greatly is Robert Downey Jr. I think a lot of that inspiration could be attributed to the parallels between his past and mine (minus the multimillionaire part lol). It’s amazing to me seeing where he was at a handful of years before he became Iron Man on the big screen.

Anyways, if you’re reading this and looking to be inspired, find out what inspires you and use it to keep moving forward.


Hey @KTheisen21,

If I could love this post 10 times I’d do it. I found that, in the midst of depression, what I was missing the most wasn’t happiness but inspiration. Just a little spark of life. My heart craves for a fuel that would give it energy and passion. But with this invisible veil in front of it, it gets really hard sometimes to reach something different than numbness or despair. Though the most valuable inspiration I ever found was always through people. As you said, their stories, but also their values and unique way to see the world around us. It’s freaking powerful to feel this kind of connection that just goes beyond words or explanations.

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see”.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. It is inspiring. :hrtlovefist: