Finding life really hard right now

This is probably really stupid and I don’t know why I’m complaining to be honest, because when I apply perspective to what’s going on right now, it’s not even that bad.

I’m currently in the home stretch of doing my Masters in Teaching, which would mean that when I finish I’ll be qualified as a high school teacher of English lit. I’m looking for jobs and nothing is happening for me, but it seems like it’s happening for everyone else around me. Every day more and more people are getting jobs and I’m not and I don’t know why. Maybe my CV isn’t up to scratch or maybe it’s something else, but I just feel like I’m being left behind. I’ve always been so future-focused and could see my path in life so clearly, but now I don’t. I don’t like this feeling of not knowing where I’m headed.
Because I’m nearing the end of my programme, I’m stressing about finances as well. My family is very understanding and they’ve offered to help, but I feel extremely guilty about accepting money from them when I know they’re finding it tough as well.

I’m not sure what the goal of writing this on here is. Maybe it’s simply just to get it out of my system or something.


Don’t feel guilty of getting help, people build the pyramids in Egypt, not one person did alone. It’s suck things just don’t work for some people. I also feel political and who you know is involved of hiring people for schools.

We can’t always know everything perfectly, not worth beating yourself over it.


Have someone take a look at your CV. It might need a little bit of tweaking. Consider that your family will feel a sense of fulfillment if they are able to help you out. Don’t feel guilty about accepting that expression of love. I think you will find work when the time is right.

Stay in touch. I’d like to know how things are going for you.

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Hey Waspy,

First of all, I just want to say that you are most certainly not stupid for posting your feelings on here.

That’s what the Support Wall is for, you can post what ever you like regardless of whether it requires an outcome. Sometimes it really does help to simply get things off your chest.

Secondly, the fact you’re doing a Master’s in Teaching is totally awesome! You should be proud of the progress you’ve made.

Lastly, if I’m being completely honest with you… The best advice I’ve ever received in life is: “To be successful, you need to be able to adapt to change.”

I completely understand, seeing others around you reach their version of success can be disheartening…

However, I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and you shouldn’t have to compare yourself based on other people’s successes… You’re just earlier in the process that’s all!:blush:

I hope this helps you in some way and truly wish you the best in all your endeavours!

Keep smashing it!:green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

I’m confident everything will work out for you my friend.


Hey waspy201,

EsRivs responded to your topic today on our live stream with some amazing words of support!

Here is a link to the video so you can see her reply,


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