Finding Solitude

There been time where that women, or people in general just don’t get me. As being a 30 virgin that struggle with social anxiety and mental health. It seem I’m not meant for the dating world. It bummer, I do pride myself to able to have solitude and to be my own person. But to fight those feeling to have a girl that I can have a romantic relationship with and to feel like everyone else. To have a relationship we both are attractive to one other and to have connection.

However, the dating world is so judgement and we just hurt one of other. I feel women hate me for being a creep. To be honest, I attended to over attached to girls and rejection hurt me.

I wrote this song for my solo project, it might get taking down. But if you can listen , it about finding peace in solitude and not needing anyone else. Even thou it can be hard!!



The song sounds good. Don’t beat yourself up because some women don’t understand you. They’re not worth it. Don’t make them bigger than life. They’re gone. Keep moving forward. You’ll never know if you meet the one. You are not alone in this solitude. Give yourself grace and love yourself.


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