Finding today really hard

I’m finding today really hard with all the equipment and mind programming. Mental illness is very hard and writing helps with this anxiety in bed. Even with prayer and meditation it’s very hard to cope and manage anxiety and depression. Taking one day at a time is really and accepting that I need to rest and be in bed. It is very hard accepting that I can’t do anything about changing all this mind programming and all the equipment they use but to relax and move from it and live life and the hand I’m given. It’s very hard to do this. I didn’t have depression and anxiety and mental illness until all this mind programming and equipment and it’s hard accepting this. I’m feeling really anxious and I don’t know why prayer and meditation work to help manage my day.

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Anxiety and depression – especially when combined – can be really hard to navigate. I’m glad that prayer and meditation offer relief, and that you’re staying consistent with it, because I believe over time that can renew your mind. Faith is actually an incredible antidote for anxiety because faith and fear cannot co-exist. This could be a reason you’ve found it relieving. Additionally, faith is helpful in providing a sense of purpose in your life, which is alleviating to depression. Seems like you’re onto something by pursuing faith in your life.

It does renew my mind prayer and meditation even though I don’t know if there is a God.

Thank you Nate mental illness depression is so hard. I function because of prayer and meditation I can get out of bed. I’m having a hard day today but resting in bed. I journaled alot today and feeling tired. I don’t know what to do but spend more time with my family and do service this helps me with depression. It’s not so much I don’t want to live but it’s when I don’t do prayer and meditation every morning I feel like this.