First therapy session

Today I took my first step into my next phase in life. After losing my one and only support line which set me off, I feel like this is a possible new start for me. To be honest it felt really good, but I know it’s a long journey and there are days I’m going to to question everything again. Taking one step at a time.

Depression is a hold hearted bitch and her friend anxiety is just as bad. While I’m still not happy and have rough thoughts, today made me realize that light at the end isn’t just a light but an open door I need to walk through. There will be good days and bad days but those are up to me.

To anyone else on the same journey, we all have the fight in us to get better. However long it takes, it does get better. We just need to keep going.


I am so pleased for you, this is just the beginning of the start of much better times (not perfect by any means) but better, brighter times where you will be more in control.
I cant tell you how happy posts like this make me. Onwards and Upwards friend and remember, we are always here for you on the good days and the not so good ones.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


That’s so awesome @Edubd1733. What a beautiful step and way to say to yourself: YES, I freaking deserve support when I need it! What an awesome way to acknowledge your worth despite the b*tch depression and anxiety turd. 8)

Your mindset and perspective about this process is also so mature and thoughtful. Seriously. When we start to give a try to something new, we can have this huge and intense energy (or the contrary). You are embracing it, but you are also keeping your feet on the ground. I have no doubt that you are going to go far from there. Yes, this journey is sometimes rewarding, painful, hopeful, ungrateful. But it’s worth it, because you’re doing it for YOU.

Let’s keep going.

Thank you for lightning up a spark of hope that I needed today. We can do this. :hrtlegolove:


Good job! I’m so proud of you for trying to help yourself. yes, it will be a long and hard journey but it will help! I promise! I hope you get better soon.