First time i actually asked for help

Few days ago i first time asked a friend for help.
It was in the middle of our conversation via message app, and since then he never said anything to me.
That was really hard for me to do,and i always thought that this will end like this.
Now i just don’t know what to do. I feel stuck in the same circle of regrets+bad decisions+ not knowing where to go and what to do.

hey @loner,

Thank you for reaching out to us. This actually makes it the second time you ask for help? hehe. Good. Keep doing it. Others do not have the courage to step forward and actually want to make a change. You do and you should never regret that.

As for your friend, the reason he did not reply may very well have nothing to do with you. Sometimes, it is hard to take on the responsability to advise someone, to say the right things at the right time. For some, it is not easy to say “I am here for you.” because they might not know how to do it- maybe it was never said to them as well. So be easy on your friend and on you as well. Do not overthink why you did not get a reply yet, but instead focus on the fact that you reached out. That is a sign that there is something in you that wants to fight. Keep doing it- keep talking to people, tell them the things you want to hear back.

Wish you the best.

All love,


Hey,thanks. That’s actually my first time posting here. I will try to fight this,thanks.

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you are very welcomed. if you want to talk to someone feel free to pm me :slight_smile:

@loner The fact that you reached out for help shows that you have strength and are brave. It is a hard thing to do but an important step. I’m sorry that your friend responded the way they did. Maybe it was difficult for them to hear to know that you are struggling and are still processing what you said. Other than your friend is there someone else you feel comfortable talking to? Keep hanging in there no matter what.

thanks,unfortunately i do not have anyone else to talk to about it.
I wanted to go to Psychiatrist this week,but i chickened out.

Hey friend,

You can always come here, and I am so glad you did. If you want help with what you reached out to your friend for, feel free to ask that here as well (I’d suggest making a new post so more people see it).

We are here with you, and you are never alone. You are never alone.

Thank you for sharing and never be afraid to reach out for help. Especially here.

Hold fast. Every storm that comes will pass.

Some people don’t know how to respond when people ask for help because they are either not sure if the person is being serious or they are not emotionally mature enough to articulate a response. Honestly, it takes a hell of a lot of courage to tell anyone how you feel. I respect that you were able to come here when you didn’t get the support you needed from someone close. It’s good to talk to people about how you feel, even if they might not understand