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First time in a long time


What’s up everyone. Been a big supporter of jake and abr since the beginning. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and addiction for almost half of my life now. I’m 31, I work full time, rent my own house, and seem to have shit together for maybe the first time ever. But I know I’m not where I should be. I smoke marijuana daily and have for 10 years. I have quit for legal reasons, maybe a month or 2 at a time. But never longer than 6 months. Regardless, i’m at a point where I know I want life without the addiction. I don’t know if I’m scared, in a routine, or what. But taking the first step has not been possible. I don’t know what I’m asking for, I just feel like this is someplace I should turn to. Thanks for listening.


I’m proud of you for having the ambition to be someone else. It’s not easy to break off addictions, but take faith from here. Have hope, because if you believe you won’t ever make it past 6 months, then you wont. Try to make out a plan. However many times you smoke daily, let’s say for example 12 times, smoke 11 for a few weeks and then gradually less and less. Remember gradually. You try to do it too fast too soon, and you’ll fall back.
Also remember what you’re fighting for. You deserve to be anyone you want.
Hold fast


@Alexlayne87 ,

Just want to say you want to get better from the addiction, but you dont know what or if you scared? let me ask you this , ask yourself who are you , what you want for YOUR life , i listened to this audio last night about who am i and what do i want to do for my life. this may help with your depression and anxiety but also your addiction. We know your struggling and we are here to help this is not the end . you can overcome this battle with a drug it takes time and time takes patients.
Who am i and what do I want for my life - link to what i was talking about


Hey there! I’m in the similar boat where you said you feel you aren’t where you think you should be in life. I feel the same way. I dont have a job, i suffer from depression & anxiety and I’m trying to kick my lifetime addiction of porn & masturbation (self-discovered masturbation at childhood). I just scheduled an appointment with a therapist in hopes to talk my problems through with them. Hold fast!


Hey! Thanks for posting - I resonate with this post a lot actually.
I relied on self harm and prescription pain killers for years to deal with crap in my life. I self harmed for 12 years, used for 6… No matter how much I tried I couldn’t go more than a few weeks without doing one or the other and I remember being in that place… Knowing I need to take that first step, knowing WHAT that first step was, but being unable to make it.
Eventually with the help of Danjo and Casey (the stream guys), and the rest of this awesome community, I was able to take the first step and flush my stash of pills - and start on a 12 step programme, and honestly, it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do, but, now I’ve gone from not being able to even manage 5 hours without being high, to being more than 5 months without a drop of alcohol or a single pill.
My therapist and I discussed my self harm today - she asked me why I think I’ve gone from being able to do it and not care at all, to doing it and feeling really bad after… We discovered it was literally all down to the fact that now, people have shown me that they care. Sure, I still fall back on my self harm, but I’m able to beat more of the urges because my mind can go to the fact that people do actually care. < You should come and join our community discord and be a part of the streams, we’d love to have you and you can experience that same love I have! I’ve never had it from anywhere else.
You can get through this. You’re worth it.

Hold Fast


Hey @Alexlayne87 here is our reply from our live stream today! Hold fast!


Thank you guys so much for all the encouragement. I was skeptical to give it a watch, but I’m so glad I did. After listening, I really believe there is hope. I’m still nervous, but there were some great ideas and helpful tips shared that I’m going to try and utilize. Thanks for what you are doing here at heartsupport.