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I’m very sick and doctors aren’t helping. Everything I try fails and I’ve tried a lot of things. It gets exhausting living with constant pain and finding the energy to keep pushing for answers.

I’m sorry to hear your physical pain is causing such a disruption in your daily life. Even if every single thing fails, just keep trying until that one thing works. You’re loved and you matter.
Hang in there.

That must be so incredibly difficult. So many suffer from illness and chronic pain yet so many have difficulty getting good answers to help them. Or many feel they are not being listened to by those who are there to help. I had a common surgery and my pain lasted longer than others but I wasnt ready for how I would feel mentally. Some days I just didnt want to get up and do anything because things were hard. It sounds like you are working hard to help yourself. You mentioned doctors which sounds like you have gotten multiple opinions. I applaud you in advocating for yourself to get answers.

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