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For those suffering from DEPRESSION or anything related to It, please read


When I was at Warped Tour in Dallas a few weeks back I had a very interesting conversation with one of the heartsupport volunteers there. After writing my story on one of their blocks I was informed about a workbook that they have called Dwarf Planet.

I bought the workbook and so far I am about halfway done, so far I like It. One of the reasons why is because It was written by a veteran, and I being a veteran as well understands what he’s going through. I encourage you guys to try It out.


@Devin - Dwarf Planet is amazing! When you’re finished with it, I highly recommend checking out their other book “Re-Write” :slight_smile:


I’m proud of you for sharing your story there and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, being here as part of the community, and working through the book. Hold fast, friend!

<3 AnitaBandaid


I received the book yesterday from someone at warped in Chicago. I just started it and I already feel it connecting the dots in my anxiety and depression.