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For those times when happiness eludes you

In this video, Dan and Casey talk to a user from the Support Wall who is struggling to find joy in their life. Watch here:

Next Steps:

  1. How do you typically feel when you wake up in the morning?
  2. How does this effect the rest of your day?

In the video Casey starts off by talking about what being in a rut looks and feels like. Sometimes we can get very caught up in feeling like if we’re not producing something for the world, then we don’t have value. If we’re not creating and “putting out” energy, products, or services, then it feels like we’re useless and not important.

But Casey goes on to say that while giving to others in these ways is important and can give us joy - it’s not the only thing to life. If all of our value can be summarized in what we can make and give to others, then when we don’t do that - when we rest, or take time for ourselves - it can feel like we don’t really have a purpose. It feels like we’re all “do” and no “be”.


  1. Write down all the things you do. At home, at work, and with friends. Be comprehensive - everything you create, add to a conversation, or give away.
  2. Put that paper aside. On another piece of paper, write everything you are. Write how you see yourself, and your characteristics/personality.
  3. Which paper inspires you? If you were called to testify on your own behalf, and a judge asked you who you are, would you read things from the first or second sheet?
  4. What we do flows from who we are, or who we believe ourselves to be. Take some time with the paper that defines who you are, and write down who you’d like to be. Maybe you’re very close to that, or maybe you have work to do. When you plan your day and think about what you’ll do in the future, keep in mind who you want to be - keep that in front of you and use it to motivate you into doing the right things that you want to do.

When I completed the exercise:

  1. Well, right now I’m a babysitter for my 2 year old much of the day, I cook, I clean, I mow the lawn, I workout, I help develop HeartSupport, write these exercises, and help people fundraise to join our Master Class.
  2. Who I am: I am a father, a husband, and a director of development. I am a pastor, and a friend.
  3. Definitely the second one!