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For when even the "easiest" of things feel difficult

In the video below, Casey speaks to a Support Wall user who is having trouble finding motivation.

Questions to think on:

  1. Do you rate yourself based on what you do each day?
  2. Do you feel like you have to do challenging tasks each day to attain a feeling of accomplishment?

In the video, Casey talks to a user who feels completely unmotivated to do what they feel is good or right. They user expresses no source of motivation or drive to get out and do great things. However, as Casey expresses in the video, the user might already be doing great things - they just aren’t viewing them that way.

To people who are not struggling deeply with depression or anxiety, things like getting out of bed, putting on shoes, or eating a meal might not seem like great feats. They just seem like little things that everyone does - and if we can’t even do these simple things, what are we worth - right? But, things that appear small and insignificant, given a different perspective, can be celebrated as challenges accomplished and tasks completed.

The perspective we’re looking for stems from humility. The feeling that we are “so far above” menial, everyday tasks is the enemy - this feeling gives us a false sense that everyone has it all together, and that if we’re a great person, these things should be easy. But the truth that obliterates this feeling is a realization that life, on any level, is a miracle. For any of us to even be here is absurd.

Remember the lowest you’ve ever been - sit with that feeling and recall what it felt like to be at your absolute rock bottom. Each day was impossible! Friends left you, you failed all your classes, you couldn’t stop getting drunk. Remember how it felt to feel completely powerless, and at the whim of some weird power you didn’t understand. Focus in on how horrible that felt (if it’s healthy for you to do so). And now, consider something else: you are still here.

Experiencing a lack of motivation happens to all of us. Feeling worthless happens to all of us as well. But remember on some level that you do value and treasure yourself. You are still here. Remember that when you get out of bed, tie your shoes, and celebrate your life, which is still bursting with value, beauty, and the potential to do anything.

Deeper Questions:

  1. What are your “menial” tasks? What do you do every single day that seems trivial?
  2. Who defines this thing as trivial? You? Your parents? Society? Your church? Write this down and place this to the side for now.
  3. Take the time (if it’s healthy for you) to remember when you were at your lowest point. Get comfortable, and remember how that felt; how deep the pain was. Remember that each morning you had a choice to get up, or not get up. You got up. Maybe that time is right now. Take a moment to consider that you’re on a Peer Support website, reading a blog about someone needing motivation. Celebrate that.
  4. Now, being so familiar being so low, celebrate every. single. win. you can think of.
    • Getting out of bed
    • Posting on this Support Wall
    • Making food
    • Having the ability to walk, or to speak, or to hear or see (millions of people the world over do not possess these gifts)
  5. When you go to bed tonight, take 5 minutes and write these wins down. Write down every little thing you did. Check them off. Realize that, sure, you have more that you want to do, but the fact that you are here flies in the face of every hopeless thought you’ve ever had.