Forget everything

Im done with every fucking thing, shit always gets worse starting from me failing math and my parents disowning me and calling me all sorts of really offensive words and that really hurt me and my ex gf cheating on me and breaking so much promises and now i cant take it anymore i dont want to be alive and im thinking of ending it soon, and now fake friends spread rumor of me being a fucking pervert and now im being bullied for something i wont even dare do! , I cant take it anymore i think everyone will learn something when i kill myself :slight_smile: , Idc anymore im not willing to be helped or fixed since i know I NEVER WILL BE FUCKING FIXED,


friend i know you can push through this. So many people have been where you are before and i know you feel hopeless but i promise that things will get better. You’re so amazing and you deserve to be here. Not all therapy or counselling works for everyone. Everyone here loves and cares for you please remember that. You can do this i believe in you. Im here for you and i know so many other people are here for you and willing to talk to you. <3 Stay strong

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Suicide is not the way to go. There are people out there, even on here who care for you, and look up to in some way. focus on those people, not those who are saying these things. Keep on trucking man, Don’t give up. I’ve contemplated this before, but it does get better.

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Raven i don’t know u but i know what ur going through and Id be lying if I said any part of what you’re feeling is easy but even with all this happening i promise you can get through this my best advice would be to surround yourself with good people and please don’t end it you’re life is worth livin even though u cant see it now

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@RaveN ,

I know you’ve been fighting for a long time- and I know it gets to be too much.

We get to a point where we just want to give up.

But you can’t.

I can’t make you do things- no one can except for yourself. I’m more saying that as a reminder to myself.

You have a lot of people who care about you.

I know this madness seems eternal but it’s not. I wish I could say better things but I can’t; I know where I was at one point- I didn’t think I was going to make it to college, but here I am. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to drive- but here I am. The things I have overcome may seem minimalistic in others eyes but in mine they are true triumphs.

I made it. I survived. We all get bruised and battered. One day this pain will go away. One day things will get better- life will get easier.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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I doubt it ill never ever get better, It never does and it never will!

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I know I’ve told you this before- you have to work on those thoughts. How do you know it never will? No one can define the future.

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