Recently I’ve started to notice that I genuinely don’t expect people to remember me or even my name. I guess I just feel overall unimportant and like I’m not worth being remembered. But the thing is I don’t know why or even when it started, I just noticed it all of the sudden when one of my coworkers actually addressed me by my name. I also didn’t realize that the people I work with might actually care about me outside of when we work together. I only started to notice that people might care about me when I got dizzy and almost blacked out at work because I hadn’t been eating, because I thought no one cared about me and maybe if I lost some weight I would be worth remembering. I just don’t really know what to do. I want to be the person I was a few years ago, when I could be genuinely happy and not starve myself to feel pretty. I just don’t know anymore.

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I’m curious what happened a few years ago that caused this drastic change in your self worth, as it sounds tragic. It’s amazing the negative image we carry of ourselves that leads us to justify how we feel others should treat us… again, that event, whatever it was, sounds like it shaped your perception into that negative image you have today.

I’m sorry that’s what you are feeling - but trust that it’s internal and not a true representation of your identity. You are a loved and appreciated by many, though you might not see it now, and I’m happy to be here to listen and provide your affirmations to help you get through this.



Hello, my friend. Each week our twitch stream chooses a heart support post to respond to. Tonight, it was yours. I hope you find this helpful.

Good luck to you, friend.
Brian - mydaddycangame