Free write the f*** out of life (again)

Maybe if I was prettier- you would love me more. Maybe if my sorrow didn’t weigh down my smile, you would know happiness lives underneath. I promise I can be lovely. Just wait…let me show you.
Maybe if I was prettier, you would love me. Maybe if my voice didn’t shake, maybe if my scars were gone…what about Then? Would you consider me?
Maybe if I was prettier, this game would be easier. Maybe you could forget all about the world, while you get lost in mine. And we could get lost in ours together.

Maybe if I was a little prettier,
You would pretend to care.
Pretend harder.
Pretend in a way that I’ll believe.
Maybe if was a little prettier, you’d lie BETTER.
Maybe if I was prettier, I wouldn’t see you.

Maybe if I was prettier,
I wouldn’t mind living the lie with you.


I love your honesty and truthfully it made me freeze because I wrote something extremely similar years ago. Literally the line “maybe if I were prettier” hit me. It just shows how people can experience very real things and connect through your words. Thanks for sharing this


It’s interesting that you say this. I wrote this a while ago, but recently stumbled upon this entry in my journal. And the “maybe if I was prettier” line really hit me too. I’ve always felt that I place too much personal value on my appearance. But- I’ve also accepted that our world expects/responds to my outer appearance.
But as I read along in my writing, i realized I tried to resolve this issue… openly stating the entire thing is a lie.
I’m a bit ashamed to admit- I still relate to this entry so much.

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