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Freelance & Depression

I’ve been working super duper hard on my art stuffs to eventually be paid for it. I have been on the grind for so long - putting in 40-50 hour weeks for months but people just don’t care or notice - like - I don’t exist. It feels super discouraging especially since I post my work out into the world and it’s just crickets back to me — Especially when I’m trying to reach out there for clients and projects. I don’t know what else I could be doing but I am advertising in multiple spots and not finding people who are interested in commissions or whatever. Just feels like what’s the point? What else could I be doing besides practicing and getting feedback and hitting publish and keep interacting on social media. Can people tell I’m insecure with my art? I feel like I am stumbling in the dark and through molasses trying to figure out the business of freelance while knowing that the winter months will leave me less able to function with depression flare-ups which makes it super hard holding down a regular job. 4

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Hey Friend,

First I want to say welcome and I’m so glad that you reached out. You are loved, and you matter. It’s gotta be hard feeling like you’re putting all this work in, and not getting anything in return, or people aren’t realizing what you’re doing, so I see you friend and you are not alone.

Two things I would say 1) you continue pursuing your dreams despite not having much reaction/support from others 2) you do this moreso as a hobby and maybe look for a part time job or something of that nature in order to provide monetarily. Although this is slightly different, I’ve had this conversation with a lot of content creators/streamers. Although being able to do what you love full time, it may not be feasible for the time being.

Just know that whatever choice you make we’ll be here to walk along side you through it all. Don’t give up my friend.

Much Love,


I’m so proud of you for being transparent and starting this conversation. We responded as a community live on stream tonight for the Mental Health Raid <3 Watch Highlight: Heart Support - Mental Health Raid - !HS !Donate from AmandaRuthArt on

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Thanks @amandaruthart ! Keep up the good work and keep on trucking!

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