Freezing Up

Whenever I know that I have something important to do, I go through the same cycle. I get motivated, I tell myself that I know what I have to do, but when I sit down to do it, I start to overthink. “What if it doesn’t turn out the way I expect it to? What if I fail?” Then I end up distracting myself with Netflix and Youtube and I actually don’t do well in the end. This is why I haven’t been doing well in school. It seems that I can only get motivated now to dance, which is what I am trying to pursue as a career but I know that I should graduate college because I want to have a degree and I actually am interested in my major. I just easily become so unmotivated to do any work. I also feel like an impostor because I give people advice that I know is legitimate advice but I do not follow myself. It’s the middle of the semester and I have time to pick myself back up but I am afraid of all the work that has built up because of my negligence, I am trying to find a job because I’ve gone broke and need to rely on my parents, and I feel that I’m failing to impress people when I dance even though I receive compliments. I feel like I sound so privileged and lucky to have everything I have which I know I am fortunate to have, but I feel like I do not deserve it when I’m not actually doing everything within my power to improve myself.

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Hi friend. Maybe you can set small goals for yourself to do on certain days or certain times. Set up a schedule including the things you need to do plus some healthy things you can do to refresh your brain. Whether it’s playing a few rounds of your favorite game, going out with a friend or whatever.

I know it can be hard to keep motivated to do what you need to do. I certainly go through that all too often.

What are some things that you need to get done? What are some things that help you get motivated and what are some things that distract you? Maybe if you force yourself to stay disconnected from your distracters till you do at least 1-2 productive things, maybe this can help you.

Or ask a friend to hold you accountable. (:

You are not an imposter. You are just a human being that is struggling with very normal and natural things. We all go through it. We just have to figure out how to help ourselves get back on track. It’s hard, but you start with small steps and small goals.

Hang in there friend

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