Friend issues

Being around my friends makes me feel worthless. At first I thought it was normal since my friends are really talkative, but the more and more I hang around them, the more I feel worthless. They never let me talk, and whenever I actually get the chance to talk, they either ignore me or they look annoyed. I feel like I have to shut up. I feel like my opinions don’t matter, like I’m just a walking joke. I just want to have a normal conversation with them without them making “jokes” about me. I really wanna tell them but I’m pretty sure they’ll laugh and say “you won’t do anything, idiot”


If you are feeling like that I think you need to talk to your friends, if they really care about you and are real friends, they will hear you and will try make things better. But if they dont listen to you and around them you feel worthless maybe those so calles friends arent friends at all. I dont know what will happen with you and your friends, but there are so many people waiting for you around the world that wont let you feel worthless, take care :heart:

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Those aren’t friends. They’re warm bodies that tolerate your presence but don’t value you. You deserve so much more. Your opinions matter, you matter, and you are more than a walking joke. Finding new friends is daunting and hard, but keeping toxic people in your life will just hurt you more. I don’t know what your life situation is, but good places to look for friends are church, extracurriculars at school or out in the world, and Meetup groups (like Events and Adventures, only free and interest-specific). You may go a stretch without talking to anyone, but it sounds like you’re already there anyhow. Toxic friends are worse than no friends at all, because at least with no friends there are no people attacking your intrinsic worth, and letting go of the old friends opens you up to the possibility of new friendships. Stay strong. Know yourself, know your worth.


Heya @mccn Thanks for writing.

I am SO sorry to hear about all this, know that you are LOVED and you ABSOLUTELY MATTER

Remember ALWAYS that there is ALWAYS a light in the hallway.

Find that light and never stop finding it.

You can do it.

Hold on


I appreciate you posting and I appreciate your honesty about this situation. If people around you are negative, then negativity is all you’ll perceive. Maybe its time to seek new friendships, I don’t know the whole story of these friends of yours. It sounds like they have changed and they weren’t the same as before. Surround yourself with positive people that appreciate the real you because you don’t deserve to be treated this way.

Would you be able to talk to your friends 1 to 1 as opposed to a group? There are times in the past where I felt attacked by friends, and had no luck talking to them - yet, when I took each of them aside 1 at a time, I was able to actually talk to them and find out which of them truly were my friends… I knew because, some of them told me to just “suck it up” and others actually apologised, explained they felt the peer pressure/didn’t know the extent of what they were doing. Eventually, it ended up with us leaving those more toxic individuals and when we finally did, our friendship became so much stronger.
You’re okay. You’re allowed to feel this way. Try and communicate the best you can - it’ll be worth it in the end!

Hold Fast

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Hey @mccn, I’m sorry to hear that these people in your life are treating you this way. To be perfectly in honest, I don’t believe these people are your friends. True friends don’t treat each other in such a way. If you do believe they are your friends and they have a place in your life, then you have every right to be able to voice your thoughts on how they make you feel and to be honest with them. But in my opinion, these people aren’t your friends; they seem more like bullies.

Other people do not get to dictate your worth, you have worth as a human regardless of how others treat you. Nobody has any right to make you feel otherwise, or to make you feel like you don’t matter. You do, and if these people are in fact your friends they NEED to start treating you with respect.

If your relationship with these people has run its course, so be it. I promise you that you will be better off without them in your life. There are people out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve, and if you can’t seem to find that anywhere else this community wants to remind you that you matter and that you have worth. You deserve to have friends that respect you and value you as a person.

I encourage you to tell them like you want to, because their responses will make it easier for you to recognize whether they’re real friends to you or not.

We support you, hold fast friend!


@mccn we discussed your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream today! Here’s the live video response;

Hold Fast!


It feels like they are using you, to always feel superior, by keeping you below them. This seems sustained by your post. You don’t need this negativity! Try speaking to them, but new friendships will come, when you let go of old ones. Find someone worth your time


My best advice is to open up to them and tell them how uncomfortable you feel. If they’re really your friends and they love you, they’ll listen to what you have to say and change their behavior knowing that it bothers you. If they laugh at you of make a mockery of the whole thing, then you definitely should separate yourself and find a new group of friends who actually care for you and your feelings. Best wishes. Xo

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