Friends and losing that

ive lost all my friends pretty much. like the ones i know irl. i have bad anxiety about talking to people i don’t know and most kids in my school hate me lmao. i can barely trust people and I feel like the friendship i got out of was toxic but she was my best friend and i dont want it to end. she always says she hates me and doesn’t wanna talk to me and shit then we’re friends again like really quickly. it hurts me and makes me so fucking sad and i know im prolly over reactiv and shit but i pretned like i dont cry in school and the second I get home that fucking breaks. im Sobsad and pissed



Man that’s so brutal…to feel like your heart is ping ponging back and forth all the time…sucks so much…It’s so hard to understand what’s going on, so it just feels like your emotions are like the weather – like one day it’s sunny and the next it’s storming, and you can’t predict what’s going to happen because it’s constantly changing…I’m sorry you’re facing that. :\

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Hey @oneforyouoneforme - I’m so sorry to hear that you lost a bunch of friends. I’ve found that life in a journey in which you’ll make friends, lose friends, make friends, lose friends, etc, etc. It’s fun making friends but it sucks losing friends - I totally feel ya. Until you enter your next season of making new friends, come join HeartSupport’s Discord! You can make a bunch of friends there in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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If she was toxic or if she treats you like that your better off without her… I know what it’s like to be alone… It took me a while to find people who treat me like I’m human… Keep on looking because there are people out there who care… I know it sounds cliche but it’s true don’t give up…my messages are always open

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i wanna tell her how i feel but she did thw exact same thing to her ex best friend and says shes abusive and emotionally manipulative for aaying that their friendship was toxic and i really do love her (like as a friend) but i get so scared around being honest about things around her at this point but i donf wanna lose our friend ship? she always talks to people im talking to when I’m talking to them because she knows mg anxiety is so awful at times (sorry this is long, im not great with words and such)

When you’re asking the question: “Should I or should I not?”

I typically think “I should” – because even though there’s a potential of pain happening, a potential of rejection…what’s interesting is that “I should not” the pain is a GUARANTEE. You’re going to be swallowed by this anxiety and this pain if you don’t end up reaching out. You have a chance of things getting worse if you do, but you also have a chance of things getting better. So I tend to think, “I should” over “I should not”.

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Hey no it’s not long and I understand I had a friend like this and still to this day I miss our friendship but you should hold on to it if it is breaking you down

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I know the feeling perfectly and I know how hard it is to be alone like that. I lost all of my friends too and I know that it will take a long time till I can trust someone again completely. I don’t even go out that much and if someone asks me to do I’m scared to get close. What I suggest is to patiently wait: you’ll someday find some real friends. I now have a few but they live far away so I’m not that big on going out with people I don’t know, but sometimes it helps. Try finding clubs or something similar with people with your same interests. Maybe you won’t find real friends, but you’ll surely find someone to spend your time with, which is great. Friends take a while, so just be patient.

Pioggia :sunflower:

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wow, i never really thought about it like that. thank you