Friends, that's all I want

(First time)Hey, hard to say this but, I feel pretty weak mentally, it’s a little hard to breath right now, not going to hurt myself or anything of course, I know there’s something in life I want to see, I just feel pretty weak mentally, I like to care for other people often but sometimes I forget that I exist too, It’s been a long time since I’ve had anybody to talk too lately, even since moving to high school, sure it’s common but it doesn’t really feel the same when none of your friends go to the same school, I’ve been struggling really well for awhile, I try to keep my mind off of it by playing video games or animating, digital drawing, whatever that helps, but, there’s a piece missing… Nobody hasn’t really cared for me yet for this year, for a whole year now, I messed up my childhood well and it was a huge mistake, I really want to change it back, b-but… my curiosity keeps dragging me across everything, I let it take me everywhere, I just want to see what happens what I don’t accept mental support from family members or school teacher support people (I don’t know what they’re called again), I can take care of myself but I can’t because I’m just missing one piece, someone to care about me, but it feels like I already messed up that chance back in school for elementary and middle school, high school is my last chance to get along, but it’s so hard for me. ;c Bring quirky and not having the same interests as many people makes it hard for me to get along many millions of people. I feel pretty weak… I just want somebody to care for me, that’s all I want, not failing school and everything else is going completely fine, but all I want, is another friend, somebody to talk to,that’s all I w-want… I just want to be happy… ;c Sniff


Hey. I feel the same way as you and reading your thoughts was like reading mine.

You came to the right place. I’m happy you’re here. A lot of people have friendship issues so you will get a lot of advices. I hope you will find at least one person in your school that shares the same hobbies as you do and you manage to become friends.

If not, here you can find a lot of people who are interested in drawing, me included. I only recently got into drawing by hand but I’ll want one day to be able to draw digitally, on a graphic tablet. But I still need to save money for it and I also need to learn how to draw. I am always available to talk and/or listen about digital drawing. You can message me anytime.

Anyway, I hope you manage to find some friends in your school, but, if you don’t, you can always find friends here. Cheer up! :slight_smile: :heart:


Can i be your freind?

Sure but, I just don’t know where to start…

Making new friends during the covid crisis has to be difficult. Caring for others is a good thing, but doing so without caring for yourself, makes your caring for others less effective. Based on my observation, most high school kids are lucky to have two or three decent friends. Some kids are really popular, and they are surrounded by a lot of wannabe friends, which can actually make them feel more lonely. I’ve also noticed, it generally takes months for the new kid in school to begin making friends. You might be able to speed up the process by joining school groups or extracurricular activities. It might take you a while to accept this, but people who are comfortable with being alone, tend to make the best friends. By the way, high school support people are called counselors. Study groups also afford opportunities for friendship.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “my curiosity keeps dragging me across everything,” but this is the time in your life when you absolutely should be curious, as long as you use good judgment, and remain safe.

You speak of messing up your childhood, and messing up your chances for friendship in elementary and middle school. Take it from me, childhood is the best possible time to mess up and make mistakes. And, I think most of us learn more about what not to do, as a result of our childhood mistakes. The mistakes you have made, will be instrumental in making you a better friend to others.

You are definitely not weak. You may feel that way because of self-doubt, but you’ve already demonstrated in your writing that your mind is okay. There’s really nothing wrong with feeling quirky, as all humans have their quirks. It’s just that some hide it better than others. Problem is, hiding those aspects of ourselves that are unique, makes it very difficult to develop close friendships.

Don’t worry about getting along with millions of people. Those who believe they have millions of friends, usually end up being the loneliest people on earth. If you become good at being your own friend, and develop your confidence, others will sense that about you, and it’s highly likely that some of them will seek to have a friendship with you.

I want you to be happy too!


Thanks for that boost you gave me…

also about the curiosity part, that’s been “dragging me” around all over the place, it does by making me wonder what would happen if I didn’t accept anybody’s help, most of the time I let my mind decide what to do with life, since I’m not good at making decisions at life, for myself, it was a bad idea of course, but it’s really hard to control it when I feel like I’m losing hope in life to control it, I’ve already chose some classes and activities to choose but I’ll be doing that stuff for the next school year, so I’m not sure how well I may go for this year for making friends, since it’s hard to get social to someone at a screen, but thanks for giving me help, since almost everytime when I vent somewhere, it stresses me out when I get the same response like “don’t do it” or “you’ll be okay” response, since I don’t know why I can’t appreciate simple compliments and stuff…

Yes I feel pretty lonely but from what I’ve read from you, it makes me feel better that it shows a sign that something good will happen, somehow, I have a counselor, but again my head likes to think the other way around and makes me not accept it until I break up.

But I’ll try to accept what I have now so far. It’s hard to build up confidence around these times , since I had some friends for both middle school and elementary but it just gets bad around the beginning of it, and it may be worse when I’m stuck in a room with my brother for this year, haven’t messed up yet for my first year so far (made one friend randomly) but we haven’t talked too much when we returned back to remote home learning again…


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