I’m lost so I ended up here. I want to be social and make new friends but as an adult, I find it very difficult. I have anxiety and I don’t have any confidence. My therapist has been telling me to take an art class for a while now and I took the plunge this year. I did about two sessions and then I had to stop because it was getting very exhausting to go every Thursday night after work. It wasn’t fun anymore and it became a chore.
I also didn’t make any friends. The people in my class were nice but it was the five of us and they were much older than me. I use their age as an excuse but even if I did find somebody my age I don’t think I would have made any friends.
I know I tend to self-sabotage and I know making that assumption doesn’t convince anyone otherwise but I am stating what I think is a fact.
And I don’t want everybody to think woe is me and feel bad for me. I just want some real advice on how people make friends and the steps that they took to get there. I can Google and find so many things but it’s really difficult to take the first step because I have anxiety and I don’t know if I’m going to like it or if people are going to think I’m stupid and I don’t like trying new things.

I know I’m a very contradictory person too but this is like a thought dump. I’m just saying what I’m thinking

I also don’t have any hobbies. Video games was the one thing I loved for the majority of the time I was in high school but when I was in college, I slowly started getting disinterested in it. I don’t know what I like and my attention span is not the best either. I tried following hiking groups on Facebook but these people hike really far away and I have anxiety driving especially up north where all the action is. I tried to join a book club but I honestly don’t have the attention span to read a book. I had recently started reading a book series November of last year and I’m still working through the third book.

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Hi @Stuck

Thanks for coming back to HeartSupport forums and we are here for you. Definitely share more if needed. Seems like you are trying to get involved into activities then got disinterested. Sometimes we are going to find activities that do get exhausting for us which is acceptable. How about join a book club if you’re interested into books as a common interest. Here some quick tips below:

  • Be Yourself
  • Find Common Interests
  • Put Yourself Out There

There plenty of others ways you can find friends through common interests that may help you in this situation even volenteering is a common interest. Don’t give up and keep trying to put yourself out there

Hold Fast.