Friendship bonding

The other night me and my online friend got to voice chat and I had so much fun. There was a website we used to draw on the same canvas together in real time. This is probably the closest I’ve been to having some genuine human interaction in a while.

I was like “So this is what friendship feels like”

I feel safe and supported by the person and they seem to care a lot.

We made some funny drawings but also drew some anime characters in our own art style.

I loved every second of it

I used to feel like I didn’t belong on earth at all but now I feel as though I do. Like I feel a bit more grounded and supported.

Best part is that this person has a healthy relationship with themselves. I can learn a thing or two from this person.


Hey there Amaris,

What a beautiful experience it is to have a genuine friend. Your entire message is so heartwarming. I hope you enjoy the times spent with your friend, but also that it gives you strength and peace for the times that you spend with yourself as well. Feeling loved and appreciated gives this warm home in our heart to come back to, some peace of mind that can also positively affect the quality of the time spent with ourselves. It seems that you are embracing the positive impact that this relationship has on you. It’s beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these sparks of life with this community. I wish you lots of smiles, peace and joy. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi Amaris. I am glad you had such a wonderful friendship experience. It can be wonderful just spending time with someone talking, sharing interests and having fun :slightly_smiling_face:. To be honest I think it is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. You deserve to have such experiences Amaris and I hope there are many more in your life waiting for you :heart:

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