Friendships that turn to relathonships

So me and a coworker have been talking for a while and things are going good. Just recently I felt like things were going really great but having second thoughts bout it all. We are hanging out soon but in terrified to be honest. I’m just tired of being alone and not having someone to hold hands with or enjoy life with. Everyone is saying this girl could be the one for me but I dont see it yet. I really like this girl and think shes pretty awesome and she sees the same in me also. I just dont know what to do with it all. My anxiety is really bad cause of this and making me overthink and have doubts bout it.


I think it’s safe to say my friend that what you’re experiencing in terms of anxiety and things in your friendship appearing to be wanting to go to the next level is a good thing let me repeat that again it’s a good thing life is a beautiful experience it has its ups its Downs The Good the Bad the Ugly in my not-so-humble opinion if you find someone that appreciates you and accepts you for you that’s a damn good place to be

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