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From amber_kevin: @popevil you both are amazing for doing this. I struggle with voices in my head with my anxiety. Never feel like I’m doing good enough.

amber_kevin - anxiety sucks…it is like a crawling moss that grows and covers more and more of your life. It encircles us, slowly inhibiting our courage, our willingness to change, to dare, to risk, to try. It is a joy thief. And it is hard to pin down. Because it can feel so real, so reasonable. The fear isn’t unfounded. And untangling our mind from that false logic is a skill that requires continuous sharpening - because it gets smarter as we do, doesn’t it? Makes it really hard to get on top of and truly conquer. Then compound it with an underlying feeling of inadequacy - it is hard to feel like you have what it takes to do that, or deserve to. It is a wicked combo.