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From bbmamma3: I definitely have low self esteem. I’m always telling myself I deserve the bad things that happen. I just don’t think I deserve praise or positive things in my life


You need to talk this out with someone. Bad things happen to people who don’t deserve it. Good things happen to people who don’t deserve it. When bad things happen to people who deserve it, is called facing consequences. When good things happen to people who deserve it, the same is true.

Low self-esteem often has its roots in early childhood conditioning. Something has happened that induced a feeling of inadequacy within you. It’s a feeling, not a fact!

What would another person who grew up in similar circumstances deserve? What would you tell that person? Treat yourself with the same compassion and respect as you do others.

Low self esteem is a widespread problem. Finding help with it is a good idea.

I tried to write relatable, but the thing about insecurity is that it tells us that no one could understand. No one’s brokenness is quite like ours. It separates us from everyone and everything and leaves us alone, to feel alien in our own lives. Good things happen, but the joy is stolen. Replaced with fear that it will never happen again. Bad things happen, and the wound is salted with acceptance - like yes, I deserved that. SHAME. Relationships feel like they’re always on the brink. One failure from falling apart. Work feels like you’re always on your boss’s bad side. Like your coworkers only tolerate you. It is like an ivy that covers the ground you walk on. You can’t escape it. And yet, you hope and long for a life where you receive love that others give. You accept praise that comes your way. You are LONELY, hoping for those things, but feeling like you’re reaching for it behind a glass window. Like it’s RIGHT THERE, but you can never touch it. Where is the hammer? If only it were that easy