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From breedlogan2141: I’ve had depression since I was really young and when I’m not on medication I struggle with thinking I’m meant to be in this world and I struggle with thoughts of belongingness which way down on me and build up over extended periods of time until I finally collapse in exhaustion

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I’ve battled depression most of my life too and medication does help. I hope that you are still on medication and are doing well. Thank you for sharing!

Yeah, there’s only so much weight you can carry, right? And it stacks and stacks and stacks. The thoughts make it harder to get out from under it, and eventually you just feel trapped, waiting for yourself to fall. It’s a cycle. Collapsing gives you some sense of freedom from it, some movement, some different way of thinking or acting that snaps you out of it, but then it starts over. It’s hard to pinpoint where it starts or how to stop it once it has started, and you watch yourself almost in slow motion.