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From brettgrossmann: As a parent I struggle with the feeling that my child has been given 100% of the tools THEY need to excel. Every kid is unique.


Yeah. Did I make the right decisions? Did I set them up for success? Did I get them to the right school /teacher /tutor /activities /training /resources /etc.? Did I do ENOUGH? Their failures can feel like our failures. And when our failures means their suffering, it is almost unbearable. So the constant anxiety feels like it focuses our mind or causes some kind of hypervigilance to prevent that. But it just locks us into an echo chamber of insecurity and doubt. And that is a hard cycle to break out of.

hi brettgrossmann, i think every parent struggle with that a lot. you have the highest expectations for yourself.
you worry about that, and that shows good parenting in my eyes. if you are questioning yourself that is a good
sign in that case. you also learn when you raise your child. you will give everything that they will have it good, that
they will have it best. and you do good. you are loved and you matter! thank you for sharing, feel hugged

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From: JennaLouiseC

I’m not a parent. But I wanted to respond to you because I appreciate this post. I think it’s great that your child’s well-being is so incredibly important to you. As a child, I was adopted and didn’t always have a caring parent. I think it’s wonderful that you show so much concern and love for your child and their future. Thanks for your post, friend.

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This is something all parents ask and worry about, I know I do at times. I think if you didn’t worry about it, then that would be a problem. I bet your child is awesome! ~Mystrose

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, thank you for posting, I think its perfectly normal as a parent to question if you have done enough or done the right think to prepare your child for life starting from the very first day at school to the day they themselves have their first child, not only to you question it you will prob always find something that you think you didnt do right or you could have done better but as long as your children are happy and healthy, you did well. Much Love x

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From: Mamadien

I think we as parents so often worry about whether we have done all we can to set our kids up for success. We wonder if they will use those tools and reach their potential. It seems to be part of the parenting job. But you are very right - each child is unique and has their own dreams and abilities and path to follow. Sometimes we understand that path, sometimes it differs from what we thought it would be. I wish you well as you do the work of loving and raising your family.