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From briangraschel: I struggle with social anxiety and feel like I’ll miss any opportunity I ever have of meeting a special person because I tell myself I’d just be wasting their time or they’d be better off without me.


hi brian, thank you a lot for sharing your struggle and worries with us. in life we often regret things, or
think of missing something we did not have done. you are not alone with that, i struggle with that lately
very much. i wasted so much time in the last years in isolating myself, seeking peace with spending
time alone, and in loneliness. i often really hate myself because of doing that. to read that, to relate to
that is why i am here. for you. you are not a waste of time or anything like that. you matter most my
friend, and everyone reading this. you are loved, and you are beautiful the way you are. be proud of
your strength, because you reached out and do small steps in the right direction, it is worth every
step of it. because you are worth it ! feel hugged my friend and reach out anytime here. :purple_heart: