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From chrisbz1969: you could not have said it better. I am alone and feel I always will be! My wife died last year, and she was my life. Now I have work and it doesnt seem like anything will get better, endless hours at work, with fake friends. I try to reach out and they listen for five minutes or until my insurance stops paying, at least I have music. Nothing else seems to quiet the doubts. Still in the trenches


hey chris, thank you a lot for sharing this. i am so sorry to hear about your loss. my toughts are with you my friend. life often goes on, and we not have the time to grief and go through everything. i can only imagine how that must be, you are so strong. not only by sharing this. i hope you will get the help
that you need, that you will find the right people. finding comfort and support in your family and friends
can give you a lot back. reaching out and talk about everything is a first, but the most important step.
you have done this, keep that up. thoughts and struggles we keep inside our minds, will always come back in an endless cycle, dragging us down. it narrows our sight, only surrounded by darkness.
we are proud of you, and i am. you showed heart with showing us this. our community is there, for all
out there who struggle in times of need. be aware of that. keep in mind and remind yourself that you
matter most my friend, you are loved and you deserve the beauty and joy in this life and on our planet.
feel hugged, and loved friend. :purple_heart: