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From colecokid: I need help with major depression, severe anxiety disorder, and lingering cancer issues.


hi colecokid, have you searched for help with a therapist or self help group ? on our homepage there are a list of crisis resources, that may help you. therapy helps with learning and managing all of this. this sounds like a lot. you are strong with reaching out, thank you for that. you matter, not
only to us, also by your family and friends. you are loved and you deserve all the good in this world. keep your head up my friend, and lets kick those struggles in the ass. we all struggle, you are not alone. :purple_heart:


@heartsupportwall5 I want to say thank you for what you do. I have been to a therapist but she wasn’t the one for me to see. I haven’t found one since I moved and then was diagnosed with cancer. Let me tag you in something to read. I let it all hang out a while back and found it to be very cathartic.

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Hey @colekid, thank you so much for sharing about this. I’m with there on the major depression + severe anxiety struggle bus. A couple years ago, a similar diagnosis to yours hit me deeply. I wasn’t alone, but it was a time of deep solitude, the kind that makes you feel a strange emptiness within, as if someone just took away life out of yourself. Everything seems fade, without a purpose. After all, what’s the point when we can be hit by such scary news? When life itself feels so fragile. Hard to keep up hope. My friend, you are that very manifestation of hope today. You get to create it through every step you’ve taken, through every time you proved to yourself that your life circumstances didn’t get to decide for you. You are the proof that hope is alive – you are today, you are not defeated. Please don’t give up on trying to find a therapist that would the right match for you. These things take time – I wish it didn’t, wish it wasn’t like playing lottery sometimes. But it’s worth pursuing, it’s worth it because this is about YOU. These battles that you lead are tough ones, but you are more tough than them! And you don’t have to fight on your own. I’m thinking of you today and hope that the message you’ve sent today will be the sign you may have needed to keep creating the support system you need right now. Rest assure that, at Heartsupport, we’ll be there for you through it all, and as long as you allow us today. You have an online community ready to listen – the good, the ugly, all of it. You’re not alone. Thank you for being here today. <3

@heartsupportwall5 thank you Micro. This means a lot to me. Hope is fragile but I try to keep it all in one piece everyday. I look to my sons and wife. They give me strength.

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