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From gofastdieyoung: some days the pain is so bad …


Hey friend. Thank you for sharing this thought. The very fact that you are here today means you’ve persevered through that kind of day before. Your presence and vulnerability are a testimony of your resilience and strength. That is something that I hope you will choose to celebrate today – you own this growth and courage, you deserve to give yourself credit for it. It’s unfair that there are days filled with pain, when it feels almost impossible to function like we’d like to. I’m just going through one of these seasons myself. Hard to see the light beyond the overwhelm, sadness or depressing thoughts. It feels as if life likes to play tricks sometimes and each day we have to wonder if it’s going to be one of these or not. We surely cannot avoid the pain, but we can learn to apprehend it and thrive through it. Each step taken forward is a win. Your presence today is a win. Thank you for the inspiration you provide through this very act of sharing what you struggle with. You’re not alone on that struggle bus, and there’s a lot of people out there who are willing to stand by your side all along. <3


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, I understand what you mean completely some days are just awful but you know some days are pretty ok too so I try to embrace the better ones in the hope that they will happen a little more often. I hope that maybe you can do the same and that life will get better day by day for you too. much Love Lisa.x


I can relate to that. I had a bad day two days ago and I felt like the world was ending. It’s really hard to deal with bad days for sure. I hope you have people in your life who support you. I’m sorry you have bad days, I hope you find your peace. Thank you for sharing. ~Mystrose

hi friend, thank you for sharing. you are not alone in this. we all struggle on our own way through life with
different sorts of pain. mentally and physically. being here and reaching out is a relief, for you and your soul.
thoughts can be a pain in the ass, when we not let them out of our minds. they will always hunt us back, even
more painful then before. overcoming gets harder. you have done a big step today. do step by step. overcoming
what you are going through. seeking help in times of need. you are loved, you matter most, to us, your family and
loved ones, your friends. feel hugged. :purple_heart:

From: Mamadien

There are those days that are worse than others. And if we persevere, we do get through them. You have done this. You have walked through the rough days. You have strength you may not realize that you have. Know that when it feels too much, you have a place to come to talk it out, people who will come along side you and will understand. So many of us have been there.


life can bring all sorts of pain. Sometimes we find we end up in that deep and dark place and it can feel so endless. That pain and hurt can sometimes even feel paralysing. I’d love it if there was an easy fix to just zap it away, unfortunately sometimes it takes a slow ride of therapy and working through it, but that slow ride also brings so many moments of good. Some days it feels like you’re back at the start, but you look back and see all the progress and take those moments you’ve realised things have changed and it really makes it all worth it. You’re worth it

From: JennaLouiseC

It’s always hard to see the light through all of the darkness. I hope that you can find joy in every day even if it’s just something that seems small. Thank you for reaching out. I’m so glad you’re here.