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From jennirezabek: Thank you for this post. Please pray for my dad. He is in ICU right now. He is dying. It is so so hard. To see him suffering. To see him like that. It’s devastating.


Hi Jenni, thank you sharing, i feel so sorry for you and your dad. my thoughts are with you and your
family. stay strong. it’s always hard see people suffer who you love. i can relate a lot, saw my grandpa and
grandma this way. you are loved my friend, feel hugged, we are here anytime you will need someone. you
deserve that and you matter. Greetings

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Hey friend. Sending all positive thoughts and prayers to your dad, your family and you today. It is incredibly painful to be in this situation, in this medical and sterile environment and feeling like you can’t do anything. My heart goes out to you so much. Please know that the love you have for your dad is something that keeps being a part of him right now. We’re in this with you. <3