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From jmart_pnw004: I am tired of trying to do this shit alone and/or virtual, I need a veterans retreat or someplace to have community.


Hey jmart - YES. Jack pumped about this message man. Coming to the end of the shit that holds us back - that is a critical point where change happens, and things get better.

@don_mcalister_aka_mac heads up our Veteran community, and they do lots of meetups at events around the country, and they also do life together. You can also email him at mac (at) heartsupport (dot) com.

It makes completely sense to feel exhausted by facing obstacles just on your own. We need allies, a team to cheer up on, people who understand how we feel in order to keep moving on. You absolutely deserve to have people walking alongside you during this journey – through both the good and difficult times. You absolutely deserve to have the possibility to be yourself unapologetically, without fearing misunderstandings, rejection or any sense of increased isolation.

I would like to echo what Nate said regarding Heartsupport’s Veterans initiative. There are some cool things in the work and an already established community, online and IRL, of people willing to share life together. They regularly hold virtual meetings on Zoom, which could be a good starting point for you, if you’d like to give it a try. There’s information on the HeartSupport’s Veterans instagram account, with regular updates regarding these meetings.

You belong, friend. Time to push the loneliness away and find YOUR people. Please know that you will always have a space right here at Heartsupport. You’re not alone. We’re all rooting for you.

Hi jmart,
thank you for reaching out, like Nate and Micro said before, there are some things in our community for veterans.
you are not alone in this. you will find support here and on the internet, to help you and get better, to find a community that is caring.
you are loved, and you matter :purple_heart:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your comment and Thank you so much for your Service to your Country. I am so pleased that you posted and that you are now able to join a community where you do not feel alone. I hope this place is good for you. I wish you well. Lisa. x

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From: Mamadien

Welcome to Heart Support friend. We want to welcome you here. I personally want to say thank you for your service. Your sacrifice is huge and for me doesn’t go unnoticed. I come from a family of vets and I appreciate deeply the sacrifice you can’t talk about except in community with other vets. Please take a look at what Nate has suggested. It’s an amazing group and Mac is a vet’s vet. You’ll find family there.

I’m right there with you, brother.

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