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From masterofbathos: I’m worried about how to be a good father


Hi there,
I am not a parent myself so I cannot speak from experience. But the fact that you worry about how to be a good father already shows how committed you are. You already put in more thought than many other parents. I’m sure nobody can be perfectly prepared. But you will learn as you go. Reflecting upon one’s own behaviour is a great skill to have as a parent. I believe in you!

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hi masterofbathos, thank you for reaching out and sharing your worries. Solemnis had really
beautiful words spoken, and they are completely true. you worry about them, this shows
that you care. that is beautiful. what is a good father in your opinion ? you care, you love your
children and family. that is the most important part, and build up on that and you will do great
as a father. we all here, and i believe in you, we are proud of you. you are strong and loved.
you matter to us, feel loved and take care, hugges going out to you and your family. :purple_heart: