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From olaf.the.destroyer: , Some of us (maybe just me) have a duality inside where we understand that “this too shall pass”, and we should treasure every moment, yet the concept of everything being temporary also brings a crushing weight on us because what’s the point if life is fleeting? How do you find motivation when life is not only un-winable, but also un-survivable?


That’s a hard subject to think about isn’t it? Our own mortality. I’d like to think that even though every moment is a moment, we hold memories of those moments until it’s time to let someone else hold those memories for us. Some of those memories can be hurtful and sad, but I’d like to think a lot of them are beautiful and special.
I know life isn’t always flowers and roses for people, I know that life can even hold a lot of hurt for people, I could never be so naive as to pretend it doesn’t.

I think in a way we share something bigger that we are. We share our stories, our culture, our wisdom, our love.
The thought of that helps me and I hope it might helps you in some way

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That is the question of the ages isn’t it? The meaning of life? So how do we grapple with the whole - “life is fleeting, what’s the point” and the “treasure every moment”. For me it has to do with how do I want to spend the time I have here on Earth? I can choose to live in this very moment as much as is possible, while learning from the past and looking forward to what could be. Or I can just let life happen and carry me where it will. I like the first option better and hope to make the journey for others better in the process because each and every one of us is in this same boat. Great question my friend.


That is definitely a hard question to answer for some of us, isn’t it? I think it’s a valid question and I think for me, the motivation comes from curiosity and what will happen next in my life. Who will I meet tomorrow and what type of events will change my life for the better. Not everything that life throws at us is helpful, but looking at the possibilities and learning from what we are dealing with right now in the present might help to navigate the future. You matter!