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From pancrates: I try not to dwell, but dealing with other people’s nonsense when they do not even listen to what I actually say. I put that stress into my GI pain. Walking at least helps with that.

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Hey pancrates – I hear you. Not only it takes an incredible amount of energy and bravery to come to the point of reaching out and saying “I’m not okay” to someone, but it’s even more frustrating when it feels like these efforts were made in vain. When the person in front of you is off-topic, unfocused or simply don’t understand what you’re trying to express… adds more loneliness on top of everything else. It’s good to hear that you have some ways to cope – especially physically – with your GI pain. Walking is wonderful and this tension definitely needs to go out in some way. Do you often like you have to internalize that stress though? Are there relationships in which you feel unheard but could also be a place to communicate differently? Sometimes people are iwlling to understand and make more effort to learn how to be present in a different way. At least, I truly wish that for you, because you deserve to be heard as you need. This is also an open invitation – if you would like to share what’s on your heart and generally a cause of misunderstandings/loneliness for you, then you are more than welcome to do it here. Who knows, there could be people here who would relate and resonate with your situation. We’re rarely alone in our struggles, even though they are made of unique contexts. Thank you for reaching out today, friend. I’m glad you used this as an opportunity to express something that doesn’t have to be turned against yourself. <3