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From quickdraw981: I feel like I’ll be alone forever because I’m not good enough to have someone want to be with me


hi quickdraw, thank you for sharing your struggle. i can relate to you a lot. isolated, withdrawn from everyone
for years. struggling with self worth, not being good enough, not being someone to be a friend with.
its often hard to see the positives around ourselves, the beauty in life. life is so overwhelming more often
that we would like. depressing, anxiety can hit like a truck. dragging someone down. helding you down.
you are not alone in this my friend. you matter, to us, to me, to the people that love you, your family and
friends. have you reached out to them or are do you have some resources in your area ? like a therapist or
a self help group to start with. you have done your first step here, sharing this. this is the most difficult and
the hardest step. you are strong, because you have done that. we, and i am proud of you. try to look
through that darkness, and see the beauty that is surrounding you. life can be so beautiful and blooming if
you let it be. do small steps, and remind yourself, small steps also matter most. like you matter, you are loved and you deserve that. feel hugged :purple_heart: