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From raging_kurrburr: @popevil I suffer from ptsd due to a past abusive relationship. I have negative thoughts almost every day but I have supportive friends and family who sue their best to help me when needed. Music has been such a big help in ways some struggle to understand. Recently popevil’s song “eye of the storm” helped me to release a lot of inner trama I was struggling with.


thank you for sharing this, i am sorry to hear that. my toughts are with you friend. you have your family and
friends supporting you, that is beautiful and good to hear. music helps a lot, helped me a lot also. you matter
and you are worth it ! you are loved and feel hugged.

I love that - it’s hard to let go of pieces of us that feel indistinguishable from who we are. When you feel the weight drop off, it is a major relief. It’s a totally different take on life - a kind of peace that was previously unknown.

It’s awesome that you have a support system as well. People who know your story and support you through the dark times. When trauma is compounded with loneliness, it can be so brutal. Glad that’s not the case for you.

Seems like you are on a positive path, and that is full of hope.