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From rynmac11: been struggiling with a ton of grief and overthinking. Also very loaded between two jobs and an internship. I know this trial will make me strong but sometimes its very tempting to just quit everything.


Two jobs and an internship is enough to deal with. It has to be really rough to be processing grief at the same time. Can you afford to lighten the load, for example take time off from the least favorite job? Grief usually comes in waves, and a lot of things can trigger it. I hope there’s someone you can talk to about it.

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Grief is extremely difficult to process often, keeping us distracted helps, but only temporary. you are carrying a lot
with you not only with your jobs. overthinking then adds to all of that, keep in mind that you only have this one cup
that is your mind. to take care of yourself gets more important now. one step a time my friend, you are loved :purple_heart:

I feel for you. Sometimes there’s just so much going on at the same time. It feels like we’re continuously trying to swim in cold waters but the waves just keep coming in, over and over. It’s hard to catch your breath when your heart feels heavy while having to manage daily life responsibilities, commitments of all kind. Your heart and mind are screaming for a break, for time to just slow down… for a little bit of peace, silence. I remember after the passing of my brother, how much I wished for the entire world to just slow down, so I wouldn’t feel like having to run behind a train moving at full speed every single day. You want to reflect on yourself, feel these powerful emotions that are overwhelming you. Through all of this, I hope that you can take breaks whenever you can, to dedicate time to your heart as much as needed. Grief affects us emotionally and physically. Know that it’s okay if you’re not as performant as usual at your jobs+intership. This is a vulnerable, delicate season of your life, and there’s no shame for trying to have lower expectations. Your well-being matters. Giving space to the way you feel matters. <3

@heartsupportwall5 I can. Ive been taking time off my part time, mainly working my coop education job. I have been talking to all my friends and family about it.

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This is good to hear! Thank you for sharing about it. It sounds like you are managing to compose with your work and personal schedule, as well as keeping your mind focused on what you want to pursue. Definitely something to be proud of. For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I truly admire the way you’ve been anticipating your needs given the circumstances right now. And also so very thankful for your friends and family who seem to be present, trusted, and a source of comfort during times when it is needed. It’s such a special gift to know that there are people we can count on and talk to when our heart is hurting. Well done for not staying alone.

Thnking of you today and just wanted to send some virtual hugs your way. I hope there will be some opportunity for you to seize beauty in times to come, however that would be. You are loved. You will get through this. <3

I wouldn’t say quit everything, but does one job pay better for you and you can focus with more hours with that job, and lessen the other one? I understand you most likely have both to make ends meet, but you do need to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to recharge as well.

I’m so sorry that you’ve been dealing with grief, it seems to come in waves, doesn’t it? One moment can feel okay, and the next it comes crashing down. And topping that with thoughts that keep bombarding, it’s a lot of stress. Do You have someone you’ve been able to share that grief with or those thoughts with? It sounds like you are working so hard, do you have time for yourself? To rest your body?