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From seooutdoorpursuits: so many things I’ve read here have made me realize many people feel the same way I do. The voices in my head tell me I’ll always be alone and fighting this hell of loneliness. LK, Hayley, ALL OF YOU - you’ve always been so kind to me when we’ve had a chance to chat, looking forward to your next Midwest run, I’ll see you on the road.

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It’s incredible how opening up can create bridges and connections where we were convinced they could never exist. So many of our struggles are lived internally, silently, in isolation. I’m grateful that reading the messages of others has been a source of encouragement to you in knowing that you are not alone. At heartsupport, we like to use this saying that “our stories are unique, but our struggles are not”. There is healing to find in connecting to one another, even when it’s during our most difficult times. Somehow, we’re never truly alone. It takes the bravery of each of us to dare to be vulnerable, and never underestimate how much being open about how we feel can help someone without us even being aware of it. Thankful for your presence and message today. Wishing you all the best. <3

There is so much we gain when we are willing to open up to each other. Like Micro said, we truly believe that while our stories are unique, our struggles are not. To know that someone else has walked a similar path and understands what we are going through helps lighten the load. The battle is less lonely. Having support can make all the difference and we learn from each other as we go. Thank you for posting! I wish you well friend.