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From sir_elton_bear: I always struggle with feeling good enough and deserving enough of the great things in my life. Love of my wife, love of my friends, my new son, my job, my puppy, my ‘things’. I struggle with wondering about my place in this world and how I’ll be remembered. #givingtuesday


hi elton, thank you for sharing this. enjoy it, the love of your wife, son, your friends and of your dog. they
love you because of you ! because you matter, and you deserve all of this. see where you at, and what
you have achieved and take a moment to be proud of that. you did that. becaues of who you are. and
you are beautiful the way you are. there is a place for everyone of us, there is beauty in life because of
people like you. all of this has come to place, because of your life. you matter ! you are loved and be proud of yourself, we are and i am. feel hugged. :purple_heart:

It can be really hard to fight our brain when it tries to convince us we’re not good enough, not deserving. I know for myself it helps to talk to my husband about those feelings and while it’s scary to be vulnerable, it helps because he is supportive and understanding about it. If you haven’t already, try talking with your wife about it and maybe your friends. Be honest and open. I’m sure they will understand and be supportive. You are doing your best and you are enough.

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It is so hard to feel like no matter what we’ll just never be enough. You see people you trust who pour love into you and you want to honor it, but there is still this little voice that keeps making you see the glass half empty. That feeling of betraying that love because of a perpetual sense of worthlessness is an awful burden to carry. In itself, the pursuit of improvement and growth is healthy, but improvement starts with who we are and what we have already. You are, therefore you are enough. It is a strange concept to wrap our mind around when it is a struggle to see our worth, but there is much freedom to find in the gentle realization that doing better is a source of growth, and never a challenge to prove ourselves more. Today you have made a huge step by sharing these thoughts here. I hope you will use it to take some time to breathe and reflect on your success, skills, on what unique impact you bring in the life of the ones you love. You can offer yourself this gift, even just for a couple of minutes. It starts with small steps. You being you is a unique manifestation of life that this world won’t know twice.

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