From sorrow to thankfulness

Today’s a special day for people in US with the celebration of Thanksgiving. Since I’m located in Europe, it’s not something I celebrate as it’s not a tradition at all where I live. However, I do appreciate the idea of taking the time to celebrate who and what we are thankful for, as a reminder of what is instead of what could be.

I’ve been facing a couple of bad news lately that happened to pile up a little bit and makes me feel hopeless. The kind of loneliness and hopelessness that make you feel an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach and dive into dark thoughts without even wanting to. My therapist is going to meet her clients to a different place, which means I’m not going to be able to see her again. My partner has failed at a test/qualification for his job that he really counted on. I’ve received bad news regarding my health, and even though it’s not the first time I tend to be tired of it. The progression of covid in my country and the perspective of heading for another lockdown also hit me more deeply than I thought. Now, it’s hard to realize that we’re heading for Christmas in a month and once again I’m not going to celebrate it with my family because whether I don’t talk to them anymore or they live too far away.

I feel alone. My “in real life” social circle is inexistant. However, I am grateful for so many people.

I’m so very thankful for my partner for still being by my side after 11 years, being caring and just a daily hero for the both of us, especially when my mind becomes an unfriendly place to me. I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am for him. We’ve been through some very rough spots during the last couple years, but it has also made us grow in different ways. There is still so much to overcome, but I am so proud of him and of what we have become together.

I’m also so thankful for this community and the chosen family I have found here. When I think about it, I don’t know how I would have gone through 2 years of unemployment, burn out, health struggles and lockdowns without it. Actually, I know I wouldn’t be here anymore if not for the absolutely wonderful people I have met here. It has brought me so much and I aspire to continuously and humbly give back what I’ve received here, even if I only manage to give a fragment of it. The care, love and trust that has been given to me is absolutely priceless. I’ve been through ups and downs over and over before, but never have I experienced such an in-depth transformation, maybe not in my practical situation yet, but surely in my heart.

I didn’t know before how it feels to be loved for who I am. I didn’t know that there was something within me that was worth continuing. I didn’t know that my beliefs and values were absolutely fine. I didn’t know that I was able to learn without aiming perfection. I didn’t realize how many emotions, grief and life there was within me.

I’m so thankful for this community, and more than ever I feel the need to say it today. Thank you for being here, for making this place what it is. Every single contribution matters. Every spark of vulnerability is a treasure and a collective strength. Every act of kindness contributes to make this world better. Every presence is highly valuable. Each one of you hold so much beauty and potential just by being yourselves.

If you read this today: thank you for being here. Thank you for thriving. Thank you for not giving up on yourself. Thank you for continuously giving yourself a chance. You are worth so much. You are loved more than words can express.

Let’s keep growing together. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you Micro,My goodness you have been through so much, you just keep going and going, you never stop. You are a wonder. You never cease to amaze me. Oh and the reason your guy is still with you is because you are wonderful. I am so sorry you have had so much to deal with Micro. You know we are always here for you. Thank you for everything you do, thank you for all those amazing words and for who you are. Oh and Thank you for being my friend. You my friend are loved too, very very much. xx :heart:



Do you know how absolutely remarkable you are? I’m freaking serious right now!

You take this community and lift it up with your presence and love. I’m thankful for you, for your life, for the love and compassion you have for all of us here. You are very much loved and respected.

There have been times where your words lifted me out of my darkness. You brought me back yesterday

This line right here. The word “doors” completely brought me out of my darkness. Why? Because I say, “Old keys don’t open new doors” all the time and whether you put that in there on purpose or not, it changed my whole mood back to positive. So, I thank you.

You’re just an awesome light in this darkness, so thank you. :hrtlegolove:

I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go thru all you have, it hurts my heart to think about how you’re feeling.


Sorry I had to re post that line, It is the perfect way to describe Micro, because when you see that little icon that tells you Micro has been here or is here, you feel safe. xx


DITTO!!! I’m glad I’m not the only who loves seeing Micro’s icon!


Hi Micro :slightly_smiling_face::snail::croissant:
I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much lately. Your are so brave and strong that you have been handling it as well as you do. I know your social circle irl is very small but your partner seems to be very supportive and loving. Sometimes it is better to have one person who really loves us and cares for us than 10 pretenders who show up only when they need something.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I really appretiate you. The wast majority of people here are great but you @Micro and @anon14688970 have been really Amazing to me and I am honored to consider you my friends :wink:. Thank you for being here Micro and thank you for all the love and support you keep giving. You have such a big hearth. :heart:


You’re all so very kind. Please consider yourselves hugged warmly @Ashwell @Lisalovesfeathers @Mystrose. :hrtlegolove:

because when you see that little icon that tells you Micro has been here or is here, you feel safe. xx

I just had to quote this because this means the absolute world to me. Providing safety is what drives me the most, for probably everything actually.

Thank you so much for sharing these words. I keep them in my heart. Holding on to it dearly, without taking it for granted either.

I’m so grateful for you, friends. Keep being yourselves, because you’re seriously amazing in so many ways. I feel safe with you too. :hrtlegolove:


Dear @Micro I hope you like this, I made it for you because I want you to know that you are loved and valued by me and everyone here. :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove: :hrtlegolove:


I LOVE it! Thank you so much Myst for this lovely artwork and the kind reminder. It feels good to have a bit of colors added to the day. It brings a smile, which comes at a right time. :heart: :heart:

I’m saving it preciously.


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