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I feel this post

I myself was in the same situation 10 years ago, however the army protected my ex and I escaped thanks to victim advocacy

He found me and tried again, he’s been in and out of jail. I feel like I’ve been living this life always looking around me hoping to never be found or bothered again. Hoping and praying each day nothing happens to my daughter. Keeping her and her activities private so she isn’t found.

These 10 years have been filled with a lot of work, tears, and rebuilding my confidence and strength. It will be a lifetime project.
I became an ambassador and shared my story with others thanks to the ACT program here in Florida.

I still get emotional thinking back. Still challenging to speak on it sometimes.

I started CrossFit 10 years ago and then became a powerlifter 3 years ago. Becoming a powerlifter has done more healing than anything I’ve done. I feel strong, not scared. Let him find me, I won’t back down like before.

Each day I’m another day stronger and I hope my story also helps others know they can escape and rebuild.


tiff - geez. There is something so pervasive about that kind of trauma, where your entire life has the DNA of that pain woven into it. Your constant protection of you and your daughter’s privacy, the overcast of fear that something bad will happen, the pervasive anxiety. It’s branded into your story, into your LIFE. It is so tragic to feel like the choices of someone else will have forever consequences on your life.

But then, there are pieces of it that are beautiful. The strength you’ve developed internally, the way it’s bonded you to your daughter, the intentionality it has forced onto your life, the way it REQUIRED you to learn positive, healthy coping, and the purpose it has crafted in your life of helping others through it.

In that sense, there is beauty in the tragedy, and it gives you a new path to carve. One of living hope, for yourself and others. That is powerful.

@heartsupportwall4 :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Thank you landri, for sharing this. it is encouraging to see, what you have overcome, how you are going through
life after that, also helping other, sharing your story in person in front of others.
you are strong, you daughter is proud of you, or will be. we are, and i am. :purple_heart:
you matter, take care, you are doing that already, stay safe and feel loved. you deserve that. feel hugged my friend.

@heartsupportwall thank you for your support my friend and you will always have mine!!!:pray::pray::pray:

@tiff_a_ni incredibly proud of you sister and so sorry we share similar stories!!! I totally understand as a parent what you’re dealing with that’s honestly why I don’t post much at all about my son. I have got pushback in the past bc of that but it’s not bc I’m not proud of him but it’s because I am protecting him. We both were in danger for so long and that’s no way to live!!! I’m always here for you sister and I’m proud of you for finding your strength and constantly trying to overcome what has happened to you trust me I know it’s not easy!!!:pray::two_hearts:

@landri_liftsalot :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Thank you so much for sharing your story, tiffani. I can’t even imagine the amount of pressure and fear that this situation has brought into your life for too long. On top of traumas, there was this fear that he could come back, repeat the same and hurt your again. This lack of control can be so incredibly suffocating, and it makes completely sense to have found healing and confidence in 1) empowering your body again, 2) sharing your story with others. You have been rebuilding your life piece by piece and manage to transcend traumatic experiences into something that brings purpose. You’re creating your way. You’re not letting him decide how your life should be. This is a beautiful message of bravery. Thank you for bringing so much inspiration to all of us here. I hope peace, healing and empowerment keep paving your way as much as you need. You got this.