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From whimdaniel: Death is inevitable but does it have to be constantly pining for closure.


daniel - some days feel like… give me a fucking break! After going through the ringer yesterday, and now it’s back at it again. That kind of day-to-day grind can be so exhausting to stay upright. To not give up. To keep going. Brutal to feel beat down - the whole wave after wave thing. Taking a half breath to them get dunked. Hard to find hope. Especially when so many days are just about popping up to get a breath. There’s only so much your lungs can take. Feels like - where’s my flare? When will someone rescue me, or help me, or just throw me a fucking lifejacket?

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I am not sure what this means. If it means something like constant awareness, hospice experience has that ingrained in me. I’ll probably fight like hell to stay alive when death becomes imminent. That behavior is programmed into our DNA. Ongoing awareness of its coming helps me to value the time that I have, encouraging me to make the most of it. When it comes to “constant pining,” I can relate that to an ongoing thirst for truth as it relates to things beyond the physical. I believe that desire is also programmed into our DNA, although it’s often inhibited by stress, pain, and despair, among other things.

I think it’s pretty rare that anyone escapes pining for something. I believe it’s actually a good thing, because if it remains absent, it’s the result of spiritual and emotional stasis, either that or a feeling of hopelessness.

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