So its late , just finished a 54hour week and starting another without a day off . I’m realizing that even in the mental help arena there is predjudice … Whether your at work or seeking help no matter how go about it having children or a spouse changes everything . Why does this country frown on singles trying to become outgoing but smile on those who have reproduced ? Seems like hypocracy or an oxymoron ? Yeah I’m not good enough . Dispite being financially decent , no STDs , do drama & athletic , somehow still not disierable ? I make awesome friends out of people , they even feel rejected when I move on . But not a single lover or even friend with benefits in sight ?? I know I’m not ugly , I can engage and attract , but I can’t stirr up any excitement . I’m just tired and burned out , not sure what change up anymore ?

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Heya @Abortion1973 Thanks so much for reaching out!

I am so sorry to hear all about this!

Sometimes our answers don’t get answered in the time we want it. Humans have a must be done when I want it attitude, but we have to realize that doesn’t always happen.

Stay strong and don’t give up!

-Darian H/DarianDaOtter

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