Future game dev progress (#2)

it has been over a month since i last posted about my game dev journy progress, not a lot happened since my last post…

anyway i’ll split it to 4 skills again since it’s a lot easier to do stuff when you break it down to smaller pieces.

  • Coding:
    not much different here, i keep solving interview questions (well i took like 14 days break). well i did find a website with frequently asked interview questions that i’m going through rn, it has videos that explain how to solve these questions which is nice.

  • Music:
    so i transcribed one song to a score, and then analyzed it, and asked everywhere if what i did is correct, it took a while to get a response, turns out i did the transcribtion almost correctly, but the analysis was way off, so i got recommended a book which i find very helpful so far, and also i memorized all major-minor key signatures in like 12 days

  • Drawing:
    not much improvement happened here, at least it doesn’t feel like it, i started a drawing fundamentals course and i also started a challange that every 14th of a month, i’ll try my best draw the same specific character i have in mind, so i’ll see how much i improved since last month.

  • Story:
    nothing new except that a found a good name for a character… it’s hard to start writing something, like how do you know what the best place to start the story at or generally how to start? there are infinite ways to start a story, and i find it daunting.

now for general things that happened last month, i took a break for 12 days of everything except music and art, and now i have tons of stuff to catch up with in the university , i have 2 days left to read about 150 pages and understand them, and then do a homework about them, so i guess i won’t be doing anything except university stuff in the next few days, also i caught a cold, so that makes it a tiny bit more difficult haha…

also is that okay if i post here about it all? i’m asking because i feel like it doesn’t really related to mental health, so i don’t know if i can post it here


I’m really glad you shared! It sounds like you’ve done a fair bit of work! That’s really cool to hear.
Even if the music part wasn’t transcribed correctly, you’ve done something amazing and now you know and hopefully have answers that will make it easier! You’re making steps even if they seem little in all these areas. You should be really proud of yourself!


This sounds like tis been such a helpful exercise! It’s so great to be able to access those things! How has that been going for you? Do you feel like you’re confident with different questions?

Again I’m very glad you were able to find some resources to help you with this. Gosh I’m so glad you’re being able to use your talent like this. Things can be a learning step, but by the sounds of it, you out in the work and have had some great outcomes so far! You must have an incredible ability to remember all that, I can hardly remember the day of the week! Haha. Amazing to hear!

How do you feel your character is developing? Have you been able to lay down the basics of how you want them to be presented? Again I love this talent. I often get ideas in my head, but am unable to portray them, so keep at it!

Are you in any story writing communities? As you did with the music and the interview questions, perhaps they can give you ideas about how they went about forming ideas and how where they started. Sometimes the logic of “start from the beginning” doesn’t always apply.

Oh man, getting a cold and having to work/study is hard going, make sure you take care of yourself. How has study gone for you?
It definitely is okay to post here about it! We love hearing all parts of people’s lives and journeys! Glad to hear from you!


I still feel like i need a lot practice, i feel like it will take me something like a year to get better at it.

well i’m not 100% sure about that, i have name and hair color and i think that’s about it. and probably how she behave, and hair style maybe. the better i’ll get at drawing i think i’ll have a better understanding of this character.

that’s a great idea, i’m not sure why i haven’t thought about it myself. i’ll try to find a community and ask there, i hope i’ll find nice people that can help me with that there.

at first they were okay, but now they’re extrememly difficult, probably because the long break i took…

Okay! thank you, and thanks for your reply!


Hey kanade! Just checking in on you! I hope things have been going smoothly for you. Thank you for sharing your update, I hope you were able to find some writing communities!

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yep, i found a community that helped me a little bit, but i’ll do some research on my own too. things never went smoothly for me, but trying to do my best with what i have. Thank you for checking in on me!


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