Gender identity and stuff

Firstly, I’m currently 1 month and 24 days clean and still striving!

I don’t even know myself what this post is gonna be. Probably a scrambled mess of thoughts. We’ll see lmao

So, I identity as genderfluid/non-binary and go by they/he pronouns. I’ve been going by the name Aidan but I’ve been feeling like I’m losing the connection to it and have been trying out the name Adrian instead, which feels a lot better. So I will stick with it, I think; Hi, I’m Adrian :]

I’m also finally going to buy a binder for myself, once the one i want is restocked. I’m very happy about that and the fact my mom approved almost immediately. She knows I’m genderfluid, but I haven’t had the courage to tell her about my pronouns or name. I know she’d accept it; my best friend is also genderfluid and changed their name and she has adapted to it quickly. But still i’m not ready to go that step for myself yet. Eventually I will, though. But back to the binders; she even discussed with me which colour would be best to buy. We settled for black, since a lot of my clothing is black. And she agreed that if it’s good quality, I can buy myself another one in white. I’m honestly very glad and lucky my parents are supportive of lgbtq. I think they’re slowly accepting me being aroace as well.

My hair has gotten long again though and it’s making me a little dysphoric. I hope I’ll be able to get it cut soon, i’ve been waiting for that since a couple months now, but because of COVID restrictions I wasn’t able to. Sadly I’m also very insecure about my face shape so tying my hair back isn’t really an option for me.

Yeah, no clue what the purpose of this post is, really. I just felt like i needed to get it out lmao


Hi friend !
I hope that you’ll get better ! You can be proud of what you have already done.
Stay safe

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Hello Adrian,

Wow! Congrats! You’re very lucky to have a parent accept you and help you transition so easily. I’m glad you were able to get a binder, hopefully it fits, if your ribs ever start hurting get bigger size or check how long you’ve been wearing it!

Stay healthy!


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