Gender is really stupid. /slight discussion of body anatomy

Its really dumb. I understand the need for some distinction for like, doctors. But like. Its still dumb.

Why can’t I like fishing? Why can’t guys wear dresses?

Gender roles are dumb. Let men cry if they want.

One thing that used to make me be fine with being female was that “at least I don’t pop randim boners.” But I do get a period every month. So I am wondering, are the random bones really that bad? My periods really hurt and its annoying as heck.

In my friend’s dnd campaign (the first one i was ever in, not the current one), there would be “genderless spokesbeings.” And right now I’m rather jealous of them.

Like, imagine just being a smooth body with nothing down there but the 2 necessities - you know the two. And then maybe have boobs if you want them! (Tmi, but I normally like mine until pms makes them hurt.)

I know its probably weird, but im annoyed and feeling blah.

Gender is dumb. I hate it. I hate not knowing what I want to be considered other than gender queer. Ugh.


Something amazing with the fact that gender identities have been more visible and discussed lately is how much eye-opening it is regarding the way we define genders. Biology is one thing, but gender is a social convention. We attach social characteristics and roles according to our biology, and these characteristics can vary greatly from one society to another. Gender studies especially in anthropology/sociology are amazing to dive in! It’s so interesting. We have so much to learn beyond a purely scientific/biological interpretation of what gender is.

I honestly relate to what you’ve said about 1/ the idea of having a smooth body and 2/ struggling with PMS. I have PMDD and hate it with passion. It makes me feel so much more anxious than usual, to a point that is really debilitating. It also makes me have suicidal ideation. Once a month, for almost two weeks… that’s quite a lot. And the only responses I got were to be on antidepressants… or birth control again, while I explained how much birth control with hormones mess me up even more. Ugh. The joy of being a woman, right?

As for feeling like gender is dumb, my heart goes out to you. I have only recently started to identify myself as genderfluid, and I’ve only shared it in this community. But what a relief for someone who never constantly feel as mostly neutral, female, or male, to finally have the possibility to put a name on it. It’s always a matter of context to me, and not biology. To be so attached to biology itself is a cultural convention.

Overall, these are all unique experiences that we have, as our body belongs to us and no one else. Gender is part of what makes our society a society, but it can be very dumb as you’ve said, and push people in despair, shame or discomfort, which is not fair. What you feel and what you have shared here is not weird at all. It is the expression of your own experience of your body at the moment. It is real and it has to be respected as such. :hrtlegolove:


Hi sakurasangel

I think that gender only plays an important role in a biological perspective but when it comes to culture I try to just regard people as people even tho there are things where gender influences how we act sometimes. But I think people who care about gender too much are focusing on the wrong thing. You dont have to label yourself and even if you want to put some kind of label on you there are better ones than gender.


when discussing gender i used to always say “I don’t think I really can understand what it means to be trans.” Fast forward 5 years and i think the reason for that is that my brain holds no weight on gender AT ALL. like i am biologically male and don’t mind going by he/him (i would respond to any pronoun. i always say ‘as long as im getting acknowledged, im happy’ lol). i present as a ‘regular dude’ some days, and some days i have tons of makeup and accessories on. and i love the way i look no matter how far masculine or how far feminine. So (i think), in a way, i do understand what it means to struggle with gender and i certainly have felt many many many bouts of terrifying gender dysphoria, but i am lucky that my brain has never truly put any weight on the meaning of gender or the presentation of it, rather was just scared on the real life complications of a non-cis identity. I’m to the point where i don’t even question myself when i want to explore some new avenues of expression.

also when u said ‘smooth body,’ i instantly thought of how i want to shave my eyebrows but i have to wait until some important meetings with a dozen or two old men who are funding my study abroad are over. JUST in case.


Hey, sounds like you’re having issues with other people’s mindless steryotypes.

Gender is honestly just a concept in itself. A way of expression or identity. And it sounds like you aren’t around the most open minded people.

Maybe this will help but, latley in the world men, for example, are alot more comfortable in being who they are. Latley I have seen alot of guys wearing dresses, skirts, beautiful makeup and adorable outfits!! Ofc, most of the are the gen z kids on tiktok. Seeing so many guys popping up online comfortable in whatever they want to wear, I have hope that gender roles aren’t such an issue on society for the future. So I beleive for not much longer we will have to deal with that sort of stuff. But… That will be a bit of a wait. For now everyone is doing this in the safety of their bedrooms, that’s enough to encourage something in society though.

I get the wish to have something like this. Though mainly I feel the only thing keeping me back is my stupid fucking voice. I hate talking sometimes, because most of the time they assume… ugh. don’t even get me started. But even so, I love expressing myself. If only it sounded male.
Sometimes I feel this way, though, being an nb masc I keep my pronouns male because I know to society well, non-binary folk are just a joke, sadly… It would be nice for a body to not be defined as a certain gender.
To me, gender is just represented as Masc, fem, both, neither, or in between. But then again there’s such a huge study into gender that I don’t know enough to explain it completley. Body parts such as boobs or private pieces don’t have anything to do with gender either. It’s just an expression. Sorry, Idk, you can already tell now that I’m getting confused. It’s because it’s so complicated. There are vtubers for example that use female avatars but still have male voice, and his veiwers still see him as a sexy male. Not as a guy with a chest that looks like a hot girl, just a beautiful man. Which he is no doubt bout that, heh. It just goes to show that gender essentially is so complicated it might not even be real? It’s just SOOOOO confusing!!

I don’t blame you for being frustrated by this! It’s something alot of us are all trying to understand in ourselves. And sometimes we don’t have an answer. Sometimes the answer is beyond our comprehending. It’s a feeling afterall, and most feelings are hard to put into words.

In the end, I’d say just go for it. Do what makes you the happiest in your best moment. Express yourself without limits, just be you, because that’s all that matters :blush: :purple_heart::blue_heart::heart:

I’ll leave you off on this song animation. This artist expresses gender in a way one wouldn’t imagine, and it truly depicts the concept of what it could be in another perspective. On the last few seconds of the video, you’ll see various icons of animals mixed together, that represents the expression of self- or our gender.



Gender is dumb I’ll give you that, honestly as a trans woman I never understood the guys in school who complained about Random erections yeah I got them but they were more embarrassing then anything and I just learned that yeah it’s gonna happen wear jeans most of the time if your embarrassed and if it happens while ur wearing sweat pants laugh it off it’s just a penis they all look goofy . now periods from what I’ve heard as someone who can’t get them seem like honest hell and you all have my respect. Gender is a game some take far too seriously there’s no referee to keep us in line if a man wants to wear dresses let them a person with a vagina says he’s a dude he’s a dude if other cultures can have 3rd or no genders what so ever and make it this far I’m sure we will be fine as well life’s too short let’s have fun tear down the boxes we but for our selves cuz I’ll tell ya the walls are made of cardboard it don’t take much to play with gender and once you do you won’t wanna stop :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i like how you talk about it as a game with no referee. and if someone does i am playing life by MY rules!

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I appear really feminine. i’m not going to cut my hair short either, because i like long hair. But then I want to appear more masculine at times and UGH

I’ll definitely give that a listen, thank you <3


your EYEBROWS? that really took me for a surprise hahaha

I guess I need to work on loving myself no matter my appearance…


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